Always! and I do mean Always! – Know the time & place for the first date BEFORE you call

BEFORE YOU CALL for the first time, be prepared to ask her out on a date by knowing the time you’d like to meet and the place you’d like to meet. You will let HER chose the day.

You won’t ALWAYS ask a girl out on the first phone call but it’s best to be prepared. I say this because sometimes she’s not comfortable enough after the first phone conversation. But if the conversation went well then asking on the 1st phone call is preferred.
(But ALWAYS ask her out by the second call)

Ok, Now the details: You’ll need to know 2 things and NOT know 1 thing.

Have a time in mind that you’d like to meet for the date. This is your decision. The time is the easy part. I like to meet at 8:30pm. That gives the girl time to get home from work, get ready and not be rushed. If she responds with a time that is more convenient for her, that’s fine.

Have a main place to go on your first dates. Your home base, a place you feel comfortable. One where you know the people that work there. You’ll need to know a few places, but you should have Home Base. Read more about what to look for in your first date home base here.

This is the part you do NOT need to know. You do not need to know the day of the week. You’re gonna let her tell you the day she’s available. Just ask the question that guarantees getting from the phone to the date smoothly. How to ask a girl out.◄—It’s important so be sure to click there to learn how it’s done.

Ok so after you ask the question that guarantees the date, the conversation should go like this when you ask her out:

You: Hey, So what’s your schedule look like this week?

Girl: I’m busy Tuesday and Wednesday but I’m free on Thursday.

You: Ok, cool – How about we meet up Thursday at 8pm at The News Lounge.

Girl: That sounds great.

A big reason to know the time and place is because you want to be decisive. Girls love it when you are decisive & make decisions. That’s what men do.

None of that wishy washy – “Where do you want to go? I don’t know, where ever you want to go.” mess.

That doesn’t mean being a jerk that never lets her decide. It means make decisions first!!! If she has a preference she’ll let you know but you’ll get points for being decisive.

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