Stretch List / Bucket List / Goals List

Bucket List

These lists are called different things; some call them Bucket Lists others call them Goal Lists and I even hear them called Impossible Lists.

Mine is a little different.

I include a thing called Stretches.

I was introduced to stretches a few years ago by my friend Greg (from Siberia).

What is a Stretch?

It’s a challenge… meant to stretch you. To expand your experience and to push your comfort zone so you grow as a person.

Greg and his brothers would give each other challenges (hand written sealed in an envelope) to perform in areas where they thought the other needed to grow or experience.

I thought this was awesome so Greg created a challenge and handed it to me in a sealed envelope. My first challenge was the Free Hugs experiment you see below.

Since then I’ve consciously tried to challenge myself & continue growing. This is my Life Stretch List & I challenge you to get out of any rut you’re in, push your comfort zone & try something new. Get motivated you crazy mofos!


Give away 20 Free Hugs – Using a free hugs sign. BucketList Free Hugs
• Going swimming in the ocean at sunrise… naked.
• Live homeless for 1 week
• Attend 1 meetup event everyday for a week
• Throw a dart at a map then fly to wherever it lands

Renaissance Man / Skill Goals

• Become Fluent In 3 Languages
○ Spanish
○ French
○ Italian
○ Russian
• Obtain dual citizenship with another country
Learn to Sail
Learn to Scuba Dive Bucketlist Scuba
• Take Cooking Classes
Improve my Style (Ongoing)
• Learn to Salsa (Learning)
• Take film classes at a University
Engineering Degree (Valedictorian Grad)



Meet Interesting People

• Robert Pirsig
• Billy Collins

Life Goals

• Surround myself with awesome people
• Change 1 5 10 peoples lives for the better
• Volunteer for a Good Cause
Be there for the birth of my niece Bucketlist (3) Birth
• Listen to War Stories
Stay single for at least 1 year
• Go on 150 Dates
• Fall in love…
Random Acts of Kindness… Often
○ Write a Letter to Someone Who Made a Difference in My Life
○ Help Out a Stranger in Distress
○ Pay for the meal of the person behind me in the drive-through
○ Send flowers to someone I care about for no reason
○ Call my Grandmother, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister more often to see how they’re doing.

Health & Fitness Goals


Miami Triathlon

• Run a sub 6-minute mile
Run a 5k
Run a 10k
Run a Half Marathon
• Run a Marathon
Run A Triathlon
Sprint Distance Triathlon
Olympic Distance Triathlon
○ Half Ironman Triathlon


Getting Ripped

Eat a strict Paleo / Primal Diet (ongoing)
• Get a model ripped body (working on it)
• Fast for Three Days

Minimalism Goals

• Take a Week-Long Technology Hiatus
• Help my Dad on the farm in Mississippi
• Go camping in 3 National Parks
• Be less of a “consumer”

Travel & Adventure Goals



Live in other countries
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Antwerpen, Belgium
• Thailand
• Spain

Visit Every Continent
North America
South America
Asia Belgium
• Africa
• Australia
• Antarctica (and do something ridiculous here)

• Take a trip by Bullet Train
Eat pizza where pizza was invented (In Naples, Italy)
• Go on a rafting / camping trip
• Get in the Guinness Book of World Records Vegas Party
• Cross a Country On a Bicycle
• Climb One of the World’s Seven Summits
• Enjoy a Mojito in Cuba
• Bathe in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa
• Visit Redwood National Park
Be Part of a Flash Mob [Completed 2013 See the Video] • Scuba Dive in the Florida Keys
Party in Vegas
Gamble in Vegas  Gamble in Vegas
Drive across the United States
Go Indoor Skydiving
Go Snowboarding in Breckenridge
Host 50 Couchsurfers from all over the World


Indoor Skydive

• Watch the Top 20 Movies of All-Time
• Watch a Space Shuttle Launch
Be on a TV show
• Get a condo with an awesome view

Events to Attend


Lights, Camera, Action!

• Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain
• Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina in Bunol, Valencia (Spain)
• Drink Beer at Oktoberfest
Camp at Burning Man
• Attend a soccer match in South America
• Attend the Olympic Games
• Go to the NBA Finals
• Bentonia Blues Festival
Watch BB King perform live
Party at Mardi Gras
Party at FantasyFest

Professional Goals

(Working on putting these together)

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