About to Call That Online Dating Hottie? Have a Little Story Prepared

Not sure what to say when you call for the first time? Have a little story prepared.
I’m not talking about making up some elaborate bullsh*# story.

Just think of a couple things that happened to you today or the past week. Don’t try to be cool or impressive. Just something to bring up at the beginning of the conversation to get things going.


Here are a couple things that happened to me over the last couple days that I might bring up on the phone:

  • I had the best pizza ever yesterday…in my LIFE. It went way beyond a double rainbow to a level I can only imagine is equal to witnessing the birth of a unicorn. It was that good. Do you have any favorite foods?
  • You’ll never believe what happened to me this morning. You don’t even want to hear this story………I got in the elevator, pushed the button and bam, the elevator died. I was flipping stuck there.
  • I went to see the best movie yesterday! Have you seen that movie Inside Job? Crazy movie right!? (I do recommend that movie btw)

Ok, That’s it. No big deal & it’ll help get the conversation going.

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