How To Get Into A Fun Talkative Mood For The 1st Online Dating Phone Call

[dropcap1]Y[/dropcap1]OU DON’T WANT to call that Online Dating Hottie when you’re not really in a fun talkative mood. Being in a fun talkative mood = More likely to get the date. So how do you get in a talkative mood? I ALWAYS do this and it works great.

I either call my friend Randall or Greg 5 minutes before I call the girl.
I shoot the shit RIDICULOUS & SILLY style! Yes ridiculous. Being ridiculous puts me in a good mood. Being ridiculous AND talking to a friend puts me in a fun talkative mood.

[blockquote] Me: Yo Greg!!! What’s up my brotha from anotha motha!!!

Greg: What’s wrong with you?

Me: I just walked by the mirror and caught a glance of myself – Damn I’m sexy!

Greg: You’re about to call some girl aren’t you? You down to play basketball?

Me: I’m down -Say 6pm? I’m gonna dunk on YOU! (and the conversation keeps going)[/blockquote]

While you’re playing that awesome anchoring music call up a friend or two. Have a conversation, shoot the shit and talk about something fun. Nothing will put you in a talkative mood like ummm talking and you probably need to call your friends more often anyway.

This is one of the best things you can do just before the phone call!

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