How Music can make Your First Online Dating Phone Call Go Smooth

PLAY SOME AWESOME feel good music before & during your online dating phone call. We all have certain feelings anchored to certain types of music.

Whenever I’m getting ready to go out I turn on Spotify Internet Radio and play Breaks Radio to get me in that crazy going out mood.

Whenever I study, I’ll play Classical Radio or Early Jazz Radio to put me in my genius mood.

During the holidays, when I hear Christmas music I get a calm introspective nostalgic feeling. Well that’s anchoring.

I have those feelings associated with that music so when I hear the music those feelings pop-up.

You can use this to work to your online dating benefit.
Since you already have good feelings anchored to your favorite music. Let’s start there. Play some music that makes you feel good. Play this music while you’re doing all the other steps in preparation for the phone call especially the next step, where you call a friend to get into a talkative mood.

Once you do this a few times you’ll have your talkative mood anchored to your favorite music. Now you can more easily get into a talkative mood. Just turn on the tunes.

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