Dating Profile Critique

Having Radio Wright critique your profile is like having this cute puppy show you how to woo the ladies in the park…

Dating Profile Critique

Awwwww!!!! He’s so cutesy!

You can’t seem to put your finger on it, but you know something AIN’T quite right with your online dating profile or messages or something.

You’ve worked on making your profile better but you’re not seeing any results…

You know other guys are snatching up great girls online–RIGHT NOW–at this VERY MOMENT, and you sit there like wtf, thinking online dating sucks.

Maybe you get a few initial email exchanges and then–POOF!! the girl disappears?

Or worse yet, you’re not getting responses to your emails at all?

Guess what?

It may not be your messages. It could be your photos or maybe your profile. Just one sentence can throw things off, or maybe you need to start from scratch all together.

Dating Profile Review

What’s included:

YOU GET a FULL VIDEO ANALYSIS of your existing profile, photos & email exchanges where I find EXACTLY what’s wrong.

But more importantly, you will get CLEAR SIMPLE STEPS on how to fix it, so you don’t continue to ruin your chances with the women in your area.

That’s exactly why they call me the “eDating Doc” because I can quickly diagnose any online dating “ailment” and prescribe a simple, effective “cure”.

How it works:

  • You get instant access to your profile critique dashboard. Fill in the short critique worksheet. (Takes about 3 minutes) This is where you let me know any specific problems you’re having and your dating site information.
  • Within 48 hours I personally do a detailed video analysis of your entire profile. This includes your photos, username, headline, written profile & email exchanges.
  • Time for magic! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: The Cure! Download your secure video & watch me as I go over every detail of your profile so you can actually SEE & UNDERSTAND what’s wrong, and finally–HOW to fix it.

What’s being said about the Video Analysis:

“I was coming off like a bragging douchebag

I really just have to laugh. I have no clue why I didn’t notice the things the eDatingDoc pointed out in my profile. I was coming off like a bragging douche and that is NOT me. It’s obvious he knows his shit. I fixed all the things in my profile and photos & for the 1st time I have girls contacting me. Can you say, Hells Yeah! lol

“Radio’s personal video critique of my profile
absolutely blew my mind.”

Radio’s personal video critique of my profile absolutely blew my mind. He caught subtle nuances that were holding me back from finding success and the changes he suggested most definitely improved my success rate – I actually had a date set for that weekend after sending out a few messages with the changes he recommended.


Even if you think you know what you are doing, I would still recommend the video review (which was priceless), because chances are you are not meeting the kind of girl you could be using the eDatingDoc’s advice.