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It’s simple – I do everything for you. It’s the easy button for dating. It’s a digital red carpet where women are walking right up to you.

Online dating takes time. A LOT of time & sending emails without getting responses can be frustrating. As your Online Dating Assistant, I take care of that - I create your profile, select your photos, do all the messaging, get the phone numbers and YOU… you go on the dates. And when I say I, I mean ME. You get my personal expertise. I’ve been doing this for years. Whether you’re looking for an amazing girlfriend or wife. We work closely together & I help make it happen. You won't find an easier, more effective way to date beautiful, compatible women than this...

  • Step #1 - Access to your personal Executive Dating Dashboard
  • Step #2 - Phone Consultation And Strategy (Sounds fancy right)
  • Step #3 - Profile Creation And Approval: With the details you provide I use my proprietary Dating Profile Attraction-Intensification Process which includes “Value Stacking” and “Synergy” to create your profile. (We’ll set-up a professional photo shoot if needed)
  • Step #4 - Connect with the women you prefer to date: Radical Response Rate time, I do all the messaging and I do it in a way where those women are actually excited and full of anticipation to meet you.
  • Step #5 - Set-up your dates: I either schedule the date for you online or I provide you with her number, a summary of the online communication and my phone to date conversation checklist so transitioning to the in-person meetup is effortless.
  • Step #6 - Have some Fun! Before your date I provide coaching on how to make the most of your date including conversation flow and 5 Minute Chemistry (Stay out of the friend zone).

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    How much does it cost?

    This is a completely custom tailored service so your investment varies depending on your dating goals. First we'll chat to see what you're looking for so I can present you with the best option and of course, if you have questions for me, we cover those.

    Pricing Comparison:
    Do-It-Yourself: 40 to 100 hours of your time with lower results
    Dating someone that doesn't knock-your-socks-off: Sucks
    Professional Matchmaker: $2,000 to $25,000

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    How many dates do I get per month?

    This depends on your preferences. On average my clients choose to go on 1 or 2 dates per week or you can do like Mike, get all gung-ho and go for 5 dates in a week.

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    Will women think something is off when we meet?

    Actually it's the opposite. Most men don't have expert experience representing themselves in the little digital box of online dating so fail to tell their story in a way that's unique to them. That's what I do - telling your unique story in an authentic and engaging way. Everything presented in your online dating approach comes from who you really are, the information you provide and approve. Yee-haw!

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    How long does it take to get everything up and running?

    There are two parts to this: 1)The part that depends on you getting your photos and information to me, most guys take a day or so to do that. 2) Then, it takes me about 1 week to complete your profile and start contacting the women you're most interested in.

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    Who will be handling my dating accounts?

    This sexy young man right here who happens to be typing this is the 3rd person. It's me, Radio Wright, I'm in the video on this page. Howdy! Questions? Give me a call at (305) 814-7733

I have experience working with everyone from busy entrepreneurs, doctors, students, fellow engineers and even a ship captain (arrrr matey!). I have also worked with very high level executives where privacy was extremely important. Over 99% of my clients would recommend eDatingDoc services to a friend.

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