What These Guys Did To Screw Up. Week 17 of the 150 Date Challenge

Online Dating Bragging

Don’t do these things…


The nonsense guys do to screw things up.

During this 150 Date challenge, of course, I talk to a lot of girls.

One thing I LOVE to hear about are their recent dates.

I’ll ask a question like:

Been on any bad dates lately?


Any good “bad” date stores lately.

I hear the same 2 things over and over.

1. Bragging

2. Being Needy

The one that makes me bust out laughing every time is the bragging.

Actually, sometimes it’s so bad it embarrasses me and I have to cover my face and peek through my fingers to finish listening to the story.

Here’s one I just heard:

One guy met this girl at Starbucks. She said the conversation was going fine then the guy turn’s into bragger-bragtastic.

Talks about his red corvette.


Then whips off his shoe, put’s his foot on the table (at Starbucks) to show her that he get’s pedicures. Then says if she’s with him she can get those also ALL THE TIME.

This guy turned me into a preacher for 3.2 seconds.

Jesus good god lord pleeeease help this man.

Ohhh but that ain’t nutten’!

Before we get into what this next guy did, here are this week’s 150 Challenge Details:

Initial Emails Sent:
okCupid – 3
Match.com – 3
eHarmony – 0
Plenty of Fish – 1

Phone Numbers Received:
okCupid – 2
Match.com – 2
eHarmony – 0
Plenty of Fish – 0

1st Dates:
okCupid – 2
Match.com – 2
eHarmony 0
Plenty of Fish – 0

Total Dates this week: 4


Ok now for Mr. Bragger #2

After this guy get’s the girls number.

He starts sending pictures of him off-roading in his hummer.

So far no biggie.

Then 5 minutes into the 1st date the guy straight up asked, Do you know what kinda car I drive?

Mercedes! but I have a hummer to go off-roading in.

Well shit boy!

What does he think that’s gonna make the girl think?

[blockquote]You drive a Mercedes? Do you want me to drop my panties right now?![/blockquote]

So be funny, I send her this text & pic the next day:

[blockquote]You’re probably gonna fall in love with me because of this but do you know what kinda expensive car I drive?[/blockquote]

Then I text of a picture of this:

She has a good laugh and we have an even better date.

Showing your value is good when you do it in the right way.

Bragging – Bad!

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what kinda car you drive.

When you learn how to find & show your unique attraction strengths.

You’ll stand out & shine for exactly who you are.

And you’ll attract the exact type of girl you want.

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  • Joe Fasalutti August 16, 2014, 4:08 pm

    What do they say about guys coming across needy?
    I’ve heard that word from an ex before (ouch).
    Do we simply pretend, and take needs elsewhere, or can we change to not really be needy?


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