Red-Beard The Online Dating Pirate, Arrrr! Week 16 of the 150 Date Challenge

Radio Wright vs Pirate

I LOOK at my phone.

Two missed phone calls and this text message:

Wanna cuddle tonight in my new queen size bed? And rescue me from a horrible date?

All from the same girl…. We went on a couple dates a few weeks ago.

I text her to find out what’s going on.

But first…

Here are this weeks 150 Date Challenge Details:

Online Dating Progress Week 16
Initial Emails Sent:
okCupid – 2 – 4
eHarmony – 2
Plenty of Fish – 0

Phone Numbers Received:
okCupid – 2 – 3
eHarmony – 1
Plenty of Fish – 0

1st Dates:
okCupid – 2 – 2
eHarmony – 1
Plenty of Fish – 0

Total Dates this week: 5


Ok so I sent her a text asking what was going on.

She’s on a date with a guy that convinced her to let him pick her up.

She says the date is going horribly and she doesn’t want to have to ride all the way back home with the guy.

This situation feels interesting to me and a new experience in the making. I mean who does that? Who asks a guy she’s dating to save her from a date? lol

One thing I know.

She knows how to word a text message to get a yes.

I send her this text:

How did you know I was a super hero! Of course I’ll rescue you.

She tells the guy I’m a good friend from out of town that she hasn’t seen in a while so he doesn’t have to take her home.

I pick here up and meet the guy.

Then I ask the obvious: So what happened? Why was the date bad?

He was completely dishonest. His photos looked NOTHING like him. He was a decent looking guy in his photos. When he picked me up and I was immediately like wtf. The guy was a totally different person. He was 15 years older, bald, fat and had a red beard. He looked like a fu#king pirate!

It’s not that he wasn’t super attractive, it’s that he was so dishonest.

Red-Beard The Online Dating Pirate – Arrrrrr!

She showed me his photos from The photos of the guy looked like a totally different guy. She was not


The more dates I go on, the stranger things get.

This week I was a super hero.

I saved a date from a date.

Wanna know how I got this date in the first place? Check it out by clicking here.


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