Week #4 of the 150 Date Challenge: A Date that Didn’t Go Well And What I Learned

ONE OF MY DATES didn’t go as well as it could have. I chose a place that met the 1st date home base criteria but something was wrong. I wasn’t comfortable and I could tell she wasn’t. Before I get into more details about that, here are this week’s 150 Date Details:
Internet Dating Progress Week 4


Emails Sent
okCupid – 0
Match.com – 0
eHarmony -0
Plenty of Fish – 0

Phone Numbers Received
okCupid – 0
Match.com – 0
eHarmony – 0
Plenty of Fish – 0

1st Dates
okCupid  –  2
Match.com – 0
eHarmony – 1
Plenty of Fish – 0

Total Dates this week: 3


Like I said last week, I got so many phone numbers, I’m not sending out any emails this week and I didn’t. I actually hid my profiles so maybe a few of the girls I DID get numbers from would notice I’m gone. Maybe even wonder if I’m gonna call or not.
Ok – Back to my date that didn’t go so well.

The place I chose for the date was a nice modern bar but it had a cold uncomfortable industrial feel. The opposite of what I want on a first date.

Our moods are influenced by our surroundings and I don’t want my date feeling cold and uncomfortable for sure! I never paid much attention to “cozy” until this week’s cold date.

The definition of cozy is: snuggly warm and comfortable. Now THAT’s the feel I want on my dates.

Cozy doesn’t have to be quiet. Some bars are cozy. Some clubs are cozy. Cozy places have darker colors usually woods and comfortable seating.

Being at a cozy warm place is something your date will really FEEL. But that’s only part of what will make her comfortable. The main thing is that YOU feel comfortable. If you are completely at ease then she’ll feel at ease.

I didn’t feel comfortable at this new bar because it was my first time there. It’s the difference in comfort between being at your own house and being at some random persons house.

I’m 100 times more comfortable & confident at my own house. And we all know girls love it when you’re confident.

Well I eventually got comfortable and warmed things up with my date with good conversation but why make things harder on myself?

So remember, chose a cozy first date location and choose a home base so YOU feel comfortable. It’ll warm up your date before you even open your mouth.

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