Week #3 of the 150 Date Challenge: 14 Phone Numbers in One Week.

A lot happened this week. The biggest thing is my 100% response rate. Every girl I emailed responded and each of those girls sent me their phone number! That’s 14 phone numbers in 1 week!
That’s pretty crazy!

I went on 5 internet dates this week, 2 in the same day. I set up one date for 7:00pm and the other for 9pm. It worked out great.

This weeks breakdown:

Online Dating Week 3 Results

Most of the phone numbers I received this week were from eHarmony. I finally started getting to the end of the long process they make you go through. Sometimes I skip that process and just send an email but it’s easier to go through their process.

I’m not sending out any emails next week. I already have 32 phone numbers and several girls I’d really like to go out with.

See you guys next week.


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