I’VE BEEN MIXING UP MORE SMOOTHNESS IN THE LOVE LAB and have some key ingredients to look for in a Home Base. This is the main place to go on your first […]

I’m going on 150 dates in one year to find the girl of my dreams. You can read the details & rules of the challenge by clicking here. I started things off […]

Want to know how to ask a girl out on the phone? After asking so many girls out I figured out several things to do to guarantee the date. One simple phrase […]

Today I received my daily Living Social email and noticed it was one of the places I really like. The deal was $10 for $20 worth of food & drinks. I always […]


Did you watch the video? You saw right… I’m dressed like a zombie in a Michael Jackson Thriller Flash Mob in downtown Las Vegas. Silly? Probably Fun as hell? Damn skippy! But [...]

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