PLAY SOME AWESOME feel good music before & during your online dating phone call. We all have certain feelings anchored to certain types of music. Whenever I’m getting ready to go out […]

WRITE DOWN 3 TO 5 QUESTIONS about something you see in her online dating profile or your email exchanges. Even if you’re good at keeping a conversation going with a girl & […]

[dropcap1]B[/dropcap1]EFORE YOU CALL for the first time, be prepared to ask her out on a date by knowing the time you’d like to meet and the place you’d like to meet. You […]

[dropcap1]H[/dropcap1]ERE ARE this week’s 150 Date Details & Date Spotlight: Initial Emails Sent: okCupid – 6 – 3 eHarmony -0 Plenty of Fish – 0 Phone Numbers Received: okCupid – 2 […]

ONE OF MY DATES didn’t go as well as it could have. I chose a place that met the 1st date home base criteria but something was wrong. I wasn’t comfortable and […]

A lot happened this week. The biggest thing is my 100% response rate. Every girl I emailed responded and each of those girls sent me their phone number! That’s 14 phone numbers […]

It’s week #2 of the 150 Date Challenge! Not much happened this week because I went on vacation. While on vacation I set up one date for the day I got back. […]

[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1]t’s the 1st week of the 150 Date Challenge and I got it started with 3 dates. More about those in a second. As I talked about last week, I’m testing a […]

Now that you’ve found the perfect first date location, your home base, here are a few examples on how to best use it. I show up for the 8pm date on time. […]


Did you watch the video? You saw right… I’m dressed like a zombie in a Michael Jackson Thriller Flash Mob in downtown Las Vegas. Silly? Probably Fun as hell? Damn skippy! But [...]

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