SOLVED: The Best Way To End A Bad Online Date – Fire Exit

Bad Date

Week 19 of the 150 Date Challenge

This is gonna be a quick date report. Just like the Date.

Because I go to the restroom then excuse myself…… via Fire Escape.

My date is a little late. She’s walking in and I just happen to be standing up to go to the restroom and I thank the universe for the awesome timing.

Because she was not even in the realm of how she portrayed herself online. NOT EVEN IN THE SAME UNIVERSE.

Bad Online Date

I understand showing your best self online but there must be some balance so you actually look like the person in the photos when you show up.

I’ve been on dates with girls I wouldn’t normally go out with but I knew what I was getting myself into. I’ve also sat through some weird dates for the hell of it but I wasn’t in the mood tonight. I was kinda pissed off – Must have been PMSing. Like I said, as soon as she got there and I’m standing up to go to the restroom. We spoke for about 20 seconds.

Her: Hey Radio – Sorry I’m late how are you.

Me: Ohh no problem – I was just going to the restroom. I’ll be right back.

Off I go to the restroom…

In the restroom I got even more annoyed – I was doing the head nod & stink face thinking to myself.

As I walked out of the restroom I see this big giant glowing bright red fire exit sign over the door to my left…
Date Escape
The universe has spoketh… again.

And thou has listened.

I bailed.

Out the fire exit, down the stairs into the alley and to my car. Listen, I don’t want to hear it. “That’s just wrong Radio!” She sends me a text about 15 minutes later. “Hey, Are you ok?” Me: “No! I have diariaha. I just shite my pants. Can I take a rain check?”

Ok ok

What I really said, “Hey – You misrepresented yourself online so I can’t continue this date. Good luck Bethany.”

And so, the quickest date in history came to an end.

And here are this weeks 150 Date Challenge Details:


Online Dating Challenge Progress
Dating Sites: First Emails Sent: Phone Numbers: 1st Dates:
okCupid 3 1 0 5 2 1
eHarmony 6 4 3
Plenty of Fish 2 1 0

Total dates this week: 4

This week’s Date Spotlight:

Age: 26
Height: 5’5”
Ethnicity/Country: American

  • What I liked:
  • What I didn’t like:
    That she showed photos that looked one way when in reality she looked NOTHING like her photos.
  • What I learned:
    It’s not my responsibility to sit through someone elses B.S. to make them feel comfortable. The best thing you can do for someone else is to tell them what the problem is. This is the only thing that can help their own personal growth. While I could have been more direct and told her face to face (Which would have gotten me out of my own comfort zone and helped with my own personal growth even more that the Fire Exit stunt) I didn’t feel like it at that time. I’ll work on that, as directness delivered in a tactful way is a quality I admire.

Things going on: I’ve always stayed away from small & new dating websites but I’ve been hearing good things about a few. So I just started testing some of those sites and will have the results up soon. Are there any dating websites that aren’t “mainstream” that you’ve tried or have been thinking about trying? Oh and do you think I was off-base for leaving the date?

  • Garry Zimmerman October 8, 2013, 2:50 am

    You were right. Misrepresentation wastes your time as well as theirs.

  • Vincent Vinturi October 25, 2013, 5:23 am

    I had a similar experience with a girl I met on Craigslist. She emailed me a photo of her in her bikini. The angle was SO perfect that it actually flattened her out and made her look curvy. Not thin, but sexy enough to see where things went.

    So she shows up to the date and I come up to her, somewhat shocked, and give her a hug hello as is my custom. I look her body up and down and…she’s fat. Not curvy, not chunky; fat.

    She looked at me with a mix of nervousness and embarrassment (I’m guessing the latter because she KNEW she misrepresented her appearance). She said “so…are we going?” I shook my head slowly and said “no.” And went back home.

    We were supposed to meet for a “casual encounter”. Casual encounter, indeed! But having said that, I’ve met some really sexy girls on Craigslist, and with minimal work on my part. I’m surprised you don’t write about CL on your blog Radio.

    Here’s a good thread on hooking up with CL:



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