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Is that a Stripper Pole? [Photo] Week #6 150 Date Challenge

I WANTED TO PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE! Just because you’re cute, doesn’t mean you can be boring! I met Amy (Her name has NOT been changed to protect the boring) on She’s a bartender.

I gave her a call and no matter how much of my own awesomesauce energy I interjected into the conversation, this girl was boring!!! Here’s a photo of Amy.

Online Dating Week #6 Amy

She sent me this photo of her at a Halloween party….on a stripper pole…..I decided to give her another chance. She looks like she’d be a blast to hang out with right!

Before I get into what happened, here are this week’s 150 Date Challenge Details:

Initial Emails Sent:
okCupid – 3 – 11
eHarmony – 0
Plenty of Fish – 0

Phone Numbers Received:
okCupid – 2 – 6
eHarmony – 0
Plenty of Fish – 1

Internet Dating Progress Week 6

1st Dates:
okCupid – 0 – 2
eHarmony – 1
Plenty of Fish – 0

Total Dates this week: 3


Ok – Back to boring Amy

Age: 28

Height: 5’6”

Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asian



Let’s face it. Amy is HOT! I give her another call but the same thing happens. She’s so boring! Plus she lives like 40 miles away.

I make a conscious decision NOT to go on a date with her! She’s so cute I bet she’s never had a guy put HER in the friend zone. I think I got way too much pleasure out of out of this. It feels good to have options and can pass on a hot girl like this.

  • What I liked:
    She was cute.
  • What I didn’t like:
    She was boring as hell AND she lived too far away. 
  • What I learned:
    I would have never turned down the chance to go on a date with a girl this cute in the past. Now that I have a crazy amount of options I’m just not willing to do a lot of work for a girl that seems boring.

That’s it for this week. Check out my new How-To Article: The 7 Steps to an Awesome First Phone Conversation #

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