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My eHarmony Date With This Ukrainian Model: Date #74 of the 150 Date Challenge

Women on eHarmony

If you’re new here then you can see the rules of my 150 Date Challenge here.

Met up with a Ukrainian model for a first date but this wasn’t a normal “date”. I broke my own first date rule. A first date should always be between you and her. Not you going to meet up with her and a group of her friends.

I made this mistake before and it didn’t go well.

When you meet up with a group, her attention will not be focused on you. This will not be a good environment to really get to know each other.

We met up at a the nightclub called Chateau in Las Vegas. She was with 2 other models; one from Moldova and the other Russian.

I get there first. I’m being extra social and befriended a large group from Pennsylvania with several cute women in the group.

When my date got there I introduced her to the group & let her know I just met them. (In the PUA game this is called social proof, pre-selection all that good stuff.) I’m at a point where I don’t really care about that. I was looking to enjoy my night out and meeting new people is how I do that. I’m just aware of the implications of what I’m doing and how this affects my date’s view of me.

So I talk with my date for about 5 minutes then she gets called away for a contest on stage. When she’s done we chat again for about 20 minutes then she gets called back to the contest.

I go back to the Pennsylvania group and party with them (They were crazy!)

That’s how the night ends. I don’t see the Ukrainian model any more that night.

However…. I know she’s interested.


Because we’ve already been on a 2nd date. (And a crazy date it was. I’ll write about that next time.)

I keep getting asked to show the kinds of women I meet online so here are a few more photos of her. I don’t usually post photos of my dates because I just don’t think it’s a cool thing to do. But I understand since I teach this stuff then you want to see what’s going on. She seems like a pretty cool girl, here she is:

eHarmony Date with Model

And here are this weeks 150 Date Challenge Details:


150 Date Challenge Progress

Dating Sites: First Emails Sent: Phone Numbers: 1st Dates:
okCupid 2 1 0 3 2 1
eHarmony 4 4 2
Plenty of Fish 0 0 0

If you’re interested, this is how I message women on eHarmony.

Total dates this week: 3

This week’s Date Spotlight:

Age: 27
Height: 5’9”
Ethnicity/Country: Ukrainian

  • What I liked:
    She’s beautiful and has a cute accent, but other than that I didn’t learn much about her.
  • What I didn’t like:
    I didn’t get to know her, so I have no idea. We didn’t really spend much time talking because, just as I thought would happen, she was preoccupied with her girlfriends and this contest they were all participating in.
  • What I did wrong:
    I drank a little too much. I was waaaaay too tipsy. DAMN YOU TEQUILA! I also broke my own first date rule; Never meet up with a girl and her friends for a first date.
  • What I did right:
    Even though this wasn’t an ideal first date situation I made it work. I didn’t mess anything up. I was having fun, being social and non-needy.

    So if you do find yourself in a less than optimal first date situation like I did here, the best thing to do is to just be social; engage her friends in a fun friendly way & socialize with other people if your date is occupied by her friends.

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  • Wayne

    You’re amazing. I’m working on getting my life together and inner game stuff. When it’s time to get dating, you’re my first stop. So, don’t go ANYWHERE!

    • Radio Wright

      Ha! Well Thanks Wayne. Glad to hear you’re own a self-improvement mission. Don’t stop! I sent you an email btw.

  • Randy Flynn

    Great information Radio Wright. Currently I am mostly focused on basic social skills (some well-meaning idealists stifled my fun side when I was young.) I am willing to do anything (within ethical boundaries) to become more social and I have been having difficulty engaging in casual conversations in a way that other people find fun and interesting. I have no problem with going out and doing lots of practice, but I feel like that everything that I try doesn’t work out – it was just one more failure. So I am unsure of the right way to practice. Any Suggestions?



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